Bible Verse of the Week

Zion Lutheran School Athletics teach our students to strive to be their best and use their God-given talents to glorify The Creator. Athletes learn about team play and how to accept, respect, support, and forgive each other. The Zion Cougars compete with other Christian schools in the Puget Sound Area.

Volleyball begins in late August, and continues through late October.   In Volleyball, there is one team for 5th & 6th Grade Girls, and one for 7th & 8th Grade Girls.

Soccer begins in late August, and continues through early November.  Zion forms one big team with 5th through 8th Grade boys and girls.

7th & 8th Grade Basketball begins in late November, and continues through LEST in mid-February.   There are separate teams for boys and girls.  

5th & 6th Grade Basketball, there is one team for 5th & 6th Grade Boys, and one for 5th & 6th Grade Girls. 5th and 6th Grade Basketball begins in late February and continues through late March.   

Track begins in early April, and continues through mid-May.  It is open to boys and girls in 5th through 8th Grades, and these kids combine to make one big team.