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Here we are on Zion's Butterfly Trail.

Here we are on Zion’s Butterfly Trail.

The Maximum Student-to-Teacher Ratio in this class is 20 to 1.

Our School Day is Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 3:00pm, and Friday from 8:30am to 2:00pm.

Purpose Statement

The goal of Zion Lutheran School is to help students develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Although most time is spent on spiritual and academic growth, significant emphasis is placed on the socialization of the children.

Spiritual Life

Religion: Children grow spiritually through daily devotions, singing praises, Bible stories, Easter and Christmas events, and the ongoing teaching of Christianity throughout the school day.

Chapel: Students gather together each week for a worship service that includes prayer, music, Christian mission opportunities, and age-appropriate talks. Parents are welcome to join us every week for this special time.

Academic Life

Language Arts & Reading: Children participate in a rich language and reading environment that emphasizes key learning concepts of the Washington State Standards. Children are read to every day and become familiar with the terms author, illustrator, fiction, nonfiction, setting, plot and character. Emphasis is placed on letter identification, letter sounds, blending sounds, sight words, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Children participate in reading in short, high-frequency word readers.

Math: State and National standards are recognized as children learn to read and write numbers, count to 100, add and subtract, tell time, sort and compare, make sets, use ordinal numbers and participate in graphing and patterning. Creative Mathematics® “Kim Sutton’s 10 Block Schedule for Math Fact Fluency” is also implemented on a daily basis.

Science: Children learn to appreciate the world God has created for them as they study about seasons, animals, trees, polar regions, oceans, insects, life cycles of butterflies and frogs, outer space, clouds, amphibians and reptiles. Children are involved in hands-on learning, and are encouraged to study and explore creation during nature walks on the school grounds.

Social Studies: Kindergartners learn to value other people, places, cultures and viewpoints by studying the world around them with Washington State Standards as the curriculum direction. Special attention is given to observing the community, home, family and school. Field trips are an integral part of this subject. The use of a children’s newspaper, Scholastic News, is integrated into the curriculum.

Physical Education: Physical Education is a class designed to develop coordination and large motor skills. Various exercises, games and group activities provide learning and practice.

Music: The students participate in singing, plays, and creative expression in order to give a basic understanding of rhythm, melody, instruments, composers and music appreciation.

Art: Daily art projects encourage each child’s creative side.

Library: The students visit the school library once a week. Story time and book check out are the primary activities of library time.

Grade Activities

Field Trips: Field trips into the community may include: theater, fire station, grocery store, The Kangaroo Farm, an apple orchard and the Discovery Park pond.

Christmas or Easter Program: The students alternate these musical programs each year.

Ms. Laurie Yocum

Ms. Laurie Yocum


All school email addresses are in the following format:, so feel free to send any staff member an email using this format.  

I attended Concordia Irvine, the Christ College Irvine, where I was trained as a Lutheran teacher. After graduation from college, I began teaching preschool and since then, I have taught Kindergarteners, third and fourth graders, second graders and now Kindergarteners.

I began at Zion Lutheran School in 1996, and enjoy serving the Lord among a wonderful community of teachers, school staff, children and parents. As I sit at my desk my eyes often come to rest on a cherished gift – a pink heart – with “I love you” lopsidedly but carefully embroidered on the inside.

God’s love, in the words of a child, is one reason I’m a teacher. I love to laugh, I enjoy simple pleasures, and my heart is filled with the smiles and words of children. God created me this way because He wants me to teach.

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