Kindergarten Ready

We celebrate Jesus’ birth at our Christmas Concert

The Maximum Student-to-Teacher Ratio in this class is 18 to 1.

At Zion, our Kindergarten-Ready Preschool Class is designed for older 4-year-olds:

This is a 5-day PM class which meets weekdays from 12:15 to 3:00pm and Friday from 12:15 to 2:00pm.

Purpose Statement

The goal of Zion Lutheran School is to help students develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Although much time is spent on spiritual and academic growth, significant emphasis is placed on the socialization of the children.

Spiritual Life

Religion: With Voyages, children learn of God’s love for them through puppets, art, stories, music, play dough and discussions.

Chapel: Although afternoon students do not attend our Wednesday morning all-school chapel as a class, parents and pre-kindergarteners are welcome to join us in the gym at 8:45 any Chapel day for this special worship time. Pastors visit the classroom once a week to teach the Bible lesson that corresponds with the teacher’s lesson.

Academic Life

Language Arts & Reading: Through the Scholastic curriculum, children practice their writing strokes, blend syllables, learn the ABCs, identify word sounds, write their names, and begin to use invented phonetic spelling in writing.

Math: The children learn to recite numbers, compare and classify groups of objects, identify shapes and patterns, write numbers, recognize paper money and coins, add and subtract and become acquainted with ways of measurement.

Science: In order for children to understand our world, attention is given to the study of plants, people and physical elements. The students are also able to care for living things throughout the school year.

Social Studies: Teaching children about social studies concepts provide a way to make children aware of the world around them. This allows children to experience how families, communities and society work together.

Physical Education: Physical Education is a class designed to develop coordination and large motor skills. Various exercises, games, and group activities provide learning and practice.

Music: The children participate in a variety of musical experiences that familiarize them with basic elements of music.

Art: Self expression is encouraged through words, play dough, markers, paints, crayons, music and other mediums with attention paid to visual detail.

Library: The students visit the school library once a week. They enjoy story time along with checking out books for personal enjoyment.

Grade Activities

Field Trips: In order to appreciate our community and the world that God has created, field trips are taken that may include the pumpkin patch or fire station. These vary from year to year.

Christmas or Easter Program: The students alternate their musical program each year between these two offerings.

Special Activities: Social development at this age is imperative. We encourage all children to get along, plan ahead by asking questions, share with others, be kind, courteous, and follow directions, and most importantly, to understand that Jesus loves them.

Janet Hooper

A.A. Early Childhood Education, Highline Community College

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