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Third Grade

Mrs. Novak teaches handwriting!

Mrs. Novak teaches handwriting!

The Maximum Student-to-Teacher Ratio in this class is 25 to 1.

Our School Day is Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 3:00pm, and Friday from 8:30am to 2:00pm.

Purpose Statement

The goal of Zion Lutheran School is to help students develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. At the elementary and middle grades, we realize positive socialization, Christian empathy for one another, and classroom relationships support much of a student’s school success. In order to prepare students for a rewarding Christian relationship, teachers implement self-help strategies that provide structure, teach organizational skills, and encourage successful performance.

Spiritual Life

Religion: Children grow spiritually through daily devotions, music, discussions, activities, and prayer. Emphasis is placed on the application of faith to their lives. The Young Peacemakers, a scripture based conflict resolution curriculum, is taught. Memory work is based on Scripture verses applicable to this curriculum. The Association pastors also make weekly presentations in class.

Chapel: All students gather together each week for a worship service that includes prayer, music, Christian mission opportunities, and age appropriate talks. Parents are welcome to join us each week for this special time.

Academic Life

Language Arts & Reading: Children experience a whole language/literature-based reading/language arts curriculum. A variety of books, grammar, creative writing, handwriting, spelling, silent reading, literature, and paragraph writing are emphasized. Learning centers are available in the classroom to reinforce concepts in all subject areas.

Mathematics: Through the Scott Foresman-Addison-Wesley Mathematics curriculum, children master long multiplication and division facts, measurement, numeration, fractions, geometry, graphs, probability and problem solving.

Science: Through the exploration of plants, animals, ecosystems, matter, work and energy, heat, earth, solar system, minerals and rocks, and health, the students learn to appreciate the world that God has created for them. Science Horizons is the basic curriculum.

Social Studies: In the curriculum, From Sea to Shining Sea, and with supplemental personalized material, the children learn to appreciate different cultures, geography and the history of the United States.

Technology: The children have access to a computer and educational software in the classroom. Students have regular access to school-owned iPads.

Physical Education: Physical Education is a class designed to develop coordination and large motor skills. Various exercises, games, and group activities provide learning and practice.

Music: The children continue to build on their knowledge of music. During the year, they begin to read music, learn to recognize and name different vocal ranges and apply those to singing and identification of instruments in the orchestra. Basic recorder lessons are given to the whole class as they learn to read and play simple pieces.

Art: Creativity is nurtured through the use of lines, shapes, space, texture, light, color, seasonal or holiday projects, and medium variations.

Library: The students use the school library as a resource in projects, fieldwork, and personal advancement. Reading for personal enjoyment is highly encouraged each week.

Grade Activities

Field Trips: To appreciate our community and the world that God has made, the students take a number of field trips that may include a tour of a chocolate factory, ice skating at Comcast Arena, symphonies or plays and a short hike in the mountains.

Christmas or Easter Program: The students alternate their musical program each year between these two offerings.

Special Activities/Projects: Learning units integrate special activities via field trips and projects.

Piano Lessons: Lessons are available throughout the school day for an additional charge.

Transportation: Van transportation is available within the service area.

Mrs. MJ Novak

Mrs. MJ Novak

Third Grade

All school email addresses are in the following format:, so feel free to send any staff member an email using this format.  

I was born and raised in Canada, and left my home country to attend Concordia University in Irvine, California where I received my B.A. in Education.

I feel very blessed to be a part of Zion’s ministry. Since I began teaching at Zion, I have taught 4th Grade, High School Algebra I and Geometry to our advanced 8th Graders, and currently I am Teaching 3rd Grade. I really enjoy working with our faculty, staff and school families, sharing in a common focus and goal. My favorite aspect of teaching at Zion is the mutual sharing of faith and God’s goodness in our lives with my students.

My husband, Jan, is the worship leader and youth leader for the church that meets on our school campus, Lamb of God Lutheran Church. We make our home in Lake Stevens, where we raise our “children”: 2 dogs, Dakota and McKinley, and a horse, Ginger.

Mrs. Novak’s Full Biography

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