Annual Fund


In His name, we serve students and their families who have chosen to attend Zion Lutheran School (ZLS), where Jesus is present in our classrooms, in conversation and in prayer.

Students attending ZLS come from different backgrounds, cultures and religious denominations, yet Jesus binds us all together. As a community built around Christian faith, family and education, our mission, Building Foundations and Transforming Lives in Christ, stands the test of time.

Currently, 168 students are enrolled at Zion Lutheran School. With a continued goal of 200 students enrolled preschool through grade twelve, budget planning may be directed toward more student opportunities in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) and the performing arts.

Currently ZLS uses funds raised by the Annual Fund Campaign and our Annual Auction to support daily operating costs, major repairs, technology upgrades, student curriculum and staff salaries. Participation in any school fundraiser or the Annual Fund Campaign is encouraged and very much appreciated as the children are blessed by each contribution.

Thank you!