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Annual Fund

Our annual fund campaign helps us to close the gap between what is charged for tuition and the actual cost of educating each child. We count on the generosity and commitment from our school families, local businesses, friends in the community and association church members to help us meet or exceed our annual fund goal each year.

ZLS is known for offering an excellent education, low student to teacher ratios and outstanding preparation for high school. Our teachers are committed to solidifying our students’ Christian base which will serve them well as they navigate through life.

All gifts are appreciated, and you may make a pledge of any amount to be paid over any amount of time. Whether you decide to make a onetime gift or a monthly pledge, we ask that you prayerfully consider participating in the pursuit of Christian Education.

Our 2016 Development Letter  

As our 2015-2016 school year comes to a close, we continue to plan for the school year ahead and for the future of Zion Lutheran School (ZLS).
Each year we observe our students learning in their classrooms, praising God, participating in electives, playing sports and making memories that they’ll treasure for a lifetime. We are blessed and inspired by our students and will work diligently to make sure our school remains an enriched, safe, faithful and mission based environment for them to learn and grow.
For almost 120 years ZLS has been a Christian constant in the community, helping to transform student lives and build them up with strong foundations that will serve the children during their time here and beyond.
Through our parent survey earlier this year we have received many suggestions regarding campus improvements. Whether big or small, all of the suggestions were taken to heart. We share your enthusiasm and aspirations for ZLS. Our faculty and staff care deeply for the mission and purpose of our school and look forward to enriching the student and family experience.
ZLS continues to be blessed and honored by your kindness and generosity. The support and commitment we receive from our community and families is what keeps us going. With the monetary donations we receive through the Annual Fund and proceeds from our auction we are able to supplement our budgetary needs. Our tuition increase for the 2016-2017 school year allows us to support our faculty and staff salaries as well as additional Educational Assistants.
With all of us working together, parents, family members, church parishioners and alumni, we realize the vision we all have for ZLS. We are sincerely thankful and grateful for all of your support!

With your generosity…
• The auction “Fund a Need” proceeds ($6,890.00) allowed us to purchase new computers for the student computer lab for the second year in a row. Students will return to a fully updated computer lab.

• Educational assistants will join our 2nd – 4th grade and 5th – 8th grade programs. Assistants will have the opportunity to work with groups and individual students as needed.

• We are working with an emergency preparedness professional to make sure we are set up and adequately prepared in the event of a natural disaster or emergency situation.

The Annual Fund and Auction account for 98% of our fundraising efforts. Participation in one or both of these fundraisers provides funding that is vital for operating costs, curriculum and technology. The goal for auction proceeds is for campus improvements. These improvements are within reach when curriculum, salaries and facility upkeep are supported by tuition and generous giving.

2015 – 2016 Annual Fund Goal (June – July) $110,000 / Total Amount Raised $104,821.00
General Fund – $78,684.00
Designated for Concordia Health Plan payments – $26,137.00

Auction Goal – $60,000
Gross – $55,958.00/ Net – $45,958.00

Please prayerfully consider ways to continue your support for ZLS through Development led fundraisers and events. Your contributions and time volunteering help us to reach our goals.

Our faculty and staff are committed to our school, students, their families and the Christian values that help cultivate the faith lives of all of us. We are energized and excited to start the 2017 school year!
Partnering with you as servants in God’s Kingdom,

Lynne Hereth, Principal

Amanda Hereth, Development Director