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Gift Card Fundraising / SCRIP


The “Scoop” on Scrip

Hello Zion Families!!

We are ‘ramping’ up our efforts to help you shop with “scrip”. Scrip is a terrific fundraising program that helps support Zion School and the fabulous opportunities given to our children.

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a ‘gift card’ or “cash card” that you use for your purchases in lieu of cash or credit. The scrip is sold to Zion at a discount through a company called Great Lakes Scrip and from local businesses. You purchase the card AND redeem the cards for full face value. The profits are split between Zion Lutheran School and the registered Zion family (YOU). The rebates are distributed twice a year, once in January and once in July. If you have not accumulated $25 in rebates by the January cut off, the amount rolls into the next rebate period and checks are cut in July.

How do I order Scrip?

We ask that Scrip orders be received in the Zion Office by 8:45 AM on designated Scrip Days. (See school calendar and/or check the school’s Sycamore website). You may order on line at or fill out a form that you may pick up at the school office or print from the attachment to the “What’s On” each week. We’ve also attached one for your convenience.

How Often is Scrip Available?

“Scrip Days” are usually Tuesdays and you will receive your order the same week! Scrip orders are usually taken twice a month for national retailers. HOWEVER; you may purchase Starbucks, Haggen, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Target, and Hill Street Cleaners at any time by stopping by the school office. Various dollar amounts are available, and are listed on the order forms.

How Do I pay for Scrip?

If you submit your order at school, simply attach a check to your order. If you order online, we will help you set up a Presto Pay account that debits directly from your choice of bank account.

Who can I contact for more information?

We would love to help you get started with your scrip orders and answer any of your questions. We also encourage you to check out for a complete list of retailers available and FAQs as well. Thanks so much for continuing to support Zion and the education of our children!


Your Scrip Team