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The Parent Participation Program (PPP) provides a process for school families to contribute service hours to the school ministry program as it seeks to do God’s Will.

Families are expected to contribute service hours as follows:

  • Families with children in Preschool:  10 hours per year
  • Families with children in Pre-K:  15 hours per year
  • Families with children in Grades K-8:  30 hours per year

A family’s total hour requirement is determined by the oldest child’s enrollment. For example, a family who has three children enrolled at Zion – preschool, grade 1, and grade 4 – is required to contribute a total of 30 hours of Parent Participation for the entire year.

Many activities are eligible for PPP hours including work done at school and at home. As you participate in school related activities, please record those hours on Sycamore, our school management system. If you do not have computer access at home, we have computers available in the school office for you to record your PPP hours.