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Zion Lutheran School is a private Christian school serving Everett, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Monroe, and Marysville.


Who We Are

Zion Lutheran School is not just a private school but rather a Christian educational institution that is open to everyone. We welcome all to come to Zion Lutheran School and be a part of the family of Christ just as Jesus welcomes anyone to come to Him.



In teaching the faith to children of all families, Zion Lutheran School bears a strong witness in our evangelical outreach.  It is our duty and profound privilege as educators and parents to give our children a rock-solid faith foundation and education.


Our Purpose

The vital function of our school is to fulfill the word of Matthew 28:19, 20 – Therefore go out and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.


Get to Know Us

Zion Lutheran School is a private Christian school serving Everett, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Marysville, and Monroe. We are located in the heart of Snohomish County, 40 minutes North of Seattle. We are supported by an Association of Five Lutheran LCMS Churches. We offer Bible-based, Christ-centered education, small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and an emphasis on Law and Gospel.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you if you’re interested in more information about our school.  We can be reached through the school office at (425) 334-5064, or at


Our Committment to Our School Families

We at Zion Lutheran School are committed to Jesus Christ, His teaching, and His principles for Christian living. The purpose of Zion Lutheran School is to provide a Christian education that nurtures the children of the Association congregations and community.  The faculty and staff of Zion Lutheran School are committed to caring for the entire family of each child. We see ourselves in partnership with parents, with the goal of empowering students to find identity, purpose, and power for their lives in Christ.

Our Staff

Your Zion Lutheran School staff consists of eleven full-time professional teaching staff and numerous support staff. We hope you will be inspired to contact individual teachers and let them know that you are praying for them as they minister to children.

School Hours

Monday through Thursday – 8:30am – 3:00pm
Friday – 8:30am – 2:00pm
Please check our school calendar for minimum days and holiday schedules.

Before and after school care is available on campus for an additional fee. Please contact the school office for more information.

Children playing on the playground equipment after school hours must be supervised by an adult at all times and follow the playground rules.


  1. Enter and exit the parking lot at a maximum of 10 mph
  2. Stop at Stop Signs (2) located at Crosswalks (2) north office bus loading area and southwest gym
  3. Front-in parking only
  4. Park at a 45 degree angle in main parking lot
  5. No back-in parking
  6. When backing out of parking spot, please be alert that children may be crossing the parking lot.

Please contribute to safety at all times in the parking lot as you drop-off and pick-up your children, drive through and park as a school guest.



Zion Lutheran School Athletics teach our students to strive to be their best and use their God-given talents to glorify The Creator. Athletes learn about team play and how to accept, respect, support, and forgive each other. The Zion Cougars compete with other Christian schools in the Puget Sound Area.


Athletics & Locations Page

5th & 6th Grade Basketball, Track, Soccer and Dance/Drill

7th & 8th Grade Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Soccer, Dance/Drill and Cheerleading


Beyond the Classroom


Extracurricular activities are a great way for kids to meet new friends, learn new things or give something back to their community. Best of all, studies show that students who are involved in after-school activities earn higher grades and are more successful – both academically and socially.

At Zion Lutheran School, students have the opportunity to participate in

  • Yearbook
  • Chapel Club
  • Athletics
  • Piano, Guitar and Drum Lessons
  • Lutheran Elementary Schools Tournament (L.E.S.T.)
  • Academic/Science Fair
  • 6th Grade Outdoor Education
  • 7th & 8th Grade Retreat at Lutherwood

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